Reunion Program Details


Updated January 18, 2017.

Click here to view the latest version of the program. As you can see most, details are finalized. 

A note on costs

  • You will only pay for the events you attend and that 100% of your deposit will be applied to these costs and, if the events you sign up for cost less than the deposit we will refund the difference.
  • We have opted for moderately priced restaurants so dinners will cost in the area of 25 Euros or less (not including beverages)
  • Cost for the “Old Haunts” will be less than 25 Euros per person (not including lunch).
  • Cost for the Metz Walking Tour with regional lunch is about 35 Euros per person

Pre and Post Reunion Events

Click on links below for latest updates.

Other events in Paris can be arranged if there is interest. Contact Doug Pincock ( with suggestions or requests.

One thought on “Reunion Program Details”

  1. So Doug, I read that those of us who have paid deposits, will not have to pay more until the referenced events? That suits us.

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