13 thoughts on “Contributed Photos from 2012”

  1. Great pic. of the biking gang in Alsace Doug. Too bad you couldn’t have put it on a timer and got in there too.
    Appreciate the pic of Bill & I in front of the Arc de Triomphe after the laborious bike ride up the Champs-Elysees at the end of our 29km ride. It was worth it. Thanks Darlene for the memory.

  2. These photos represent the totality of all photos submitted by attendees. A selection from these will be added to the Reunion Gallery in the main Photo Section (See top Menu Bar). Hopefully that will be sufficient. If not, we can look at adding captions to these as well.

  3. Dave,
    The General Navereau sign file got in with mine when I uploaded a few more to my Metz file. Sorry about that. I’d downloaded a few of your pics. yesterday. Thank you for those. Awesome pictures. I’ve already started working on a Blurb book for our trip to France. Check out http://www.blurb.com if you haven’t already. They do a nice job.

  4. I have been out of touch for several years and tried to get in to metzbrats and just found out the name was changed. Hi to all my former classmates and friends and will check in now more frequently. Good job to all who are working this Larry

  5. hi i’m a younger brat. 56 ha ha
    i was there from 62 to 66 my dad was a brown jobber rene decoste
    i was looking for old friends on the bratz site. no luck so far.
    i only joined face book about 5 days ago
    it’s hard to find friends as a lot came and went when thier postings were over.
    some of the names— bunkle, gauthier, bertrand,appleton,ouelette,doucette,roy the barkleys in paris. many more.
    i will accept any brat as a friend on face book.
    i was court marshaled by face book for making too many friend requsts to people i didn’t know as a result i’m not allowed to make requests for another 5 days
    i was deemed quilty untill proven innocent. :- )
    any help would be appreciated.
    by for now.

  6. just adding this as i forget to check the boxes for notifications
    i also changed my email address in the data base to this one

  7. I am an airforce brat in Metz from 1958-1962 however I’m not an active member of facebook. Don’t like their system.
    Sorry but hope you enjoyed the General Navereau site.

  8. thank you for your response.
    i am also a member of the forum
    trying to find friends and more info on fort bellecroix

  9. I just used the webmaster password to post a class picture, it didn’t appear on the site yet, although it said it was downloaded. Once you see it, please see if anyone remembers the teacher or any of the students in it, I am the shortest one of course.

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