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  1. Was a u.s. soldier in 1961 and 1962 at colin caserne. Do you know the address for this base? I am trying to pin point the base on google earth search. Would appreciate any help you can give me about the base.

    Don Hickerson

  2. This is addressed to Don Hickerson regarding the Colin Caserne. I am sure this was the US Base that where we visited the PX. I was the son of an RCAF Flt Sgt. stationed at Chateau de Mercy and we lived at 122 Rue de Frescaty, just off the north end of the French Air Force Base. The Colin Caserne was only a few blocks away and I am sure that Google Earth photos still show some of the Bldgs. at the following Coordinates: 49-05-24 N and 6-09-26 E, which was almost east of our home. I frequented this base often for access to the PX. Hope this helps you.
    Stew Shore

  3. This response is for Stew Shore. I do appreciate the response for the address of Colin Caserne. Through process of elemination of the business’s and Churches in this area, have been able to come up with the correct address and have located it with 2 great shots of the outside of the base from the streets outside.
    The address I have developed through the elemination, I have found the address to be 25 Rue du General Franjatte 57950 Montigny-Les Metz, France which pulls the base up using this address. Would like to talk with anyone in the Metz area in 61 and 62. These shots on google brought back alot of good memories.

    Take care,

    Don Hickerson,

  4. Just looked at the photo of teachers from ’63…and recognized the Latin teacher who regularly picked her nose with her pinkie while teaching in front of the students….eeewwwww…but pretty funny in retrospect….!

  5. Second from the left, front row wearing the dark sweater, in the gGrade_8_2 GNS class photo seems to be my older sister Barb Dash (1953-2003). Our family was in Metz 1962 until 1964.

  6. I was stationed at No 1 Air Division Headquarters (RCAF) in 1954 and 1955 as a RCAF firefighter. Only LAC Pritchard and I were there. We carried out monthly fire inspections throughout Chateau de Mercy and not only the buildings on the 35-acre estate surrounding the castle, but in other nearby Air Force buildings but as our Military supply system was housed in an old bunker off the base itself, we had access to the bunkers as well. I was on the roof of Chateau de Mercy and recall the weathered Red Cross the Germans had painted on it, during WW 2 to indicate to pilots of the Allies, it was a hospital. It was not but is one currently.

    During the summer of 1955, I was posted as a firefighter to No 2 Fighter Wing. RCAF, Grostenquin about 30 kilometres east of Metz, France. Married Quarters of RCAF personnel were located at St Avold. Warrant Officer Le Febvre whom I knew earlier as the boss of the fire-fighting school of the RCAF at RCAF Station, Aylmer, Ontario, was then the fire chief of 2 Fighter Wing, RCAF. Deputy Fire Chief was Sgt Collins. Who originally hailed from New Brunswick.

    I enjoyed my service with the RCAF in France.. On vacations, visited Luxembourg. Germany, England and Ireland before returning to St John’s, Newfoundland when I immediately joined the uniformed street division of the Royal Newfoundland constabulary as a Constable After a year there, I resigned to enlist for five years in the RCMP , but eventually studied law at UBC in Vancouver, BC graduating in 1973′

  7. I attended school at Chateau Mercy,after a week or so at a French school.I was one of the first to tread the halls at General Navereau. Mr David Smith was homeroom teacher. I lived at 7 Rue Nicole Louve,and shopped at Colin Casserne frequently.

  8. was there for grade 1 63/64…the class picture is out there somewhere..would love to see it again…

  9. I was station in colin casern in 1960,1963.I was in M.P.I married a French girl.Her name was Yolande braun.She lived in route de plappeville.We’ve been married 50 yrs.We live in Paducah,Kentucky.If you know any one who was station there in the years of 60,63 please contact us..We’ve gone back to metz france almost every year..Cause of my wife’s family……Thank you….csm.Robert l Neihoff.

  10. My name is Robert L Neihoff from Paducah,K.Y.I was station in Metz France.I was in M.P.64th reg-From 1960,til 1963.The name of the casern was Colin in Montigny les Metz.My wife is French.Her name is Yolande Braun Neihoff,from Route de Plappeville.Her and I go back often,we love to travel.And would like to find old friends..I retired as CGM.Pease contact us at this E-Mail.

  11. Robert Neihoff, was in Metz 61 and62, should know you, knew several 504th guys went over with them during the deployment. Was the corporal at the post office on post, 504th guys used to give me a ride downtown for the French mail every day. Notice you live in Paducah, I live in Hendersonville, Tn. just outside of Nashville, tn. I am on facebook as well.

  12. I was stationed in Colin Caserne as a Company Clerk with the 574th QM Service Company. Captain Thysell was the CO and a nice guy. WO Kelly ran the Cold stores down near the rail yards.I was there from April 1952 until July 1952 when I was transferred to the 552 QM Refrigeration Company in Paris. At that time Colin Caserne was very primitive with few amenities. No PX, no QM Laundry, no dependents on post. Just the bare necessities. It got better in later years, I’ve been told. The City of Metz has a great history and many interesting landmarks from the 1st and 2nd world wars as well as from many earlier conflicts.

  13. The picture of pre 1957.

    Following is the comment.

    (From Pamela Binnendyk). I believe it was 1960 and that I am the one 3 in from the right at the back of the room. Would have been Pamela Wainwright back then and I believe the teacher was Mrs. Richardson as I recall. . Can anyone else help with this one?

    I am the third from the right at the back of the room. I was Annabelle Brooks at the time. My father was posted to Metz from 1954 – 1957. I was wearing a red plaid dress.

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