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See also the Photos of Metz Today which contains recent photos (including some of the schools and Chateau) taken by former Navereau studentss

2017: Metz
This Reunion featured a walking tour of Metz and a bus tour to the Chateau and the Canadian Cemetery in Choloy. A number of participants also visited Paris and Vimy.

2012: Metz
We were a small group -- about 17 with most taking part in visits to Paris before the Reunion and a few in a short bike tour in Alsace. We also visted Hackenberg.

2009: Metz

About 40 people attended this initial Reunion in Metz

2006: Vancouver

This was was the last Reunion held in Canada (at least so far).Thanks to Ron Bauman and his committee for a great event

2003: Ottawa

This was the first large Reunion and was organized by Rick Bennett and his committee

2002: Toronto
This group got together at Nancy Drew’s house

1998: Teachers

A Reunion of teachers from 1966/67 held in Toronto

1960: Foymont

Who are all these young people! This is a group from the 50’s who got together in Foymont.

8 thoughts on “Reunion Photos”

  1. I was wondering if anyone had any photo’s of grade 8, in particular Robert (Chuck) Meehan

    Also I went to this school same time as Richard and Robert, and have a photo of my class that I could send however it was a much lower grade 5 I think. Let me know if your site wants it.

  2. Hello,
    Perhaps you could help me locate Carol Anne Richard. She was the Daughter of WO Richard (Sounds like Rishard) stationed at Metz France 1963. At that time I was 14 YOA as was she. Upon return to Canada (Say,,,1967ish) her father was posted to the Eastern Canada. She was 18 YOA at that time. We last corresponded by letter when I was 23 YOA, a CAF Pilot. She was married, I think, with a daughter, “DAISY MAY”?.
    I wonder where she may be now. I’m not looking to “reconnect”, as I am solidly married now for many years. I will be visiting Metz, leaving on 26 April next week. Any info would b e greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,
    John Phillips(Victoria BC)

    1. Hello John…if it the same Carol Richard she was a good friend of mine in Metz. She is now in Ottawa.

  3. Trish,
    I remember you. Paul Emond was your friend. Hope Paul is well.
    I have only received your message today (26 Mar. 18).
    If you can connect me with Carol I would be greatfull Also, do you remember “Brook”? I remember her as a close friend.
    Barry Phillips

  4. We were stationed in Metz from summer of 1957 through to summer 1961. My best friend at the time was a girl named Karen Lacroix. I have been trying to locate her for over 58 years! Of course Lacroix was her maiden name, which makes it extremely difficult to track her down. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated.

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