Through the efforts of David Godwin (and Charles too I believe), downloadable versions of Navereau Yearbooks are available for download. Just click on the appropriate link below.

We are still looking for 1966 and/or 1967 if they exist

Note that these files are large; so you’ll need a good connection.










5 thoughts on “Yearbooks”

  1. Amazing that someone took the time to scan these books and publish them on the Internet. I was student at the school in 1966-67 and it is great to have these resources. You have no idea.

    1. Did you ever find a copy of the65-66 and66-67 year books.I would love to be able to get my hands on one
      Simon Waller
      I was there from 65-67 in Grades 9+10

  2. Hi: I was a business teacher there from 61 -63 and only had 2 senior typing students and we did the typing for the yb’s of 62 and 63. Also, had 1 accounting student, Don…?, who ran them off on a manual Gestetner machine. That was all we did for the final term those terms.
    Great school right next to the officers mess where we had a beer and sandwich every day. The principal, an old Wing Commander went to the dinning room with his old buddies and rarely returned and Gordie MacKinnon took over for thee afternoon.

    1. Hi Barry ‘ er Mr. Cornish,
      I was in your bookkeeping class in 1963-64. That was the final year that the school was on the base. I was at the school from 1963-1965. I was in grade 13 in the new building.
      Jack Faulks

  3. I was an American Air Force dependent, and went to two American high schools in France – Verdun, 1960 – 62, and Toul, 1962 – 63. Although we were “right down the road”, I was somehow never aware there were Canadian high school students in the area at that time. Pretty naive of me, I suppose. Reading about your history and browsing through the yearbooks, I realize we had so much in common, and I feel it is a real shame we never got together over there. I was aware of at least a couple of Canadian bases in northeast France, Marville and Grostenquin, but somehow it never crossed my mind that there would be kids just like me from those places. Both of my high schools have developed alumni groups that hold reunions periodically, and we’re (Toul) having one next week in Charleston, South Carolina, for all ex-students.

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