Chateau Visit for “Old Haunts” Tour


As I think most of you are aware, the site of the Chateau is now a hospital and the Chateau has endured significant degradation as a result of the project.

Nevertheless, we will be able to visit it during our “Old Haunts” tour. However, because of potential dangers, the interior visit will be limited to the ground and second floors. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to visit the chapel.

The photos below were provided by Christian Berard who has kindly assisted us in organizing this visit. The majotity of these are of the Chateau today.

In addition, the first two concern the memorial that was erected in the Cimetière de l’Est of Metz to commemorate the Canadian military members who are buried thereand the last four are taken at lycée Schuman, rue Belletanche in Metz – the site of the last Navereau school. 

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