Submit Your Photos from 2017 Reunion


Here is the procedure if you have photos taken at the Reunion that you would like to submit to the website.

Small Number of Photos

Simply email them to  along with the wording you’d like included in the captions including “Photo taken by xxxx” or similar credit.

Upload a larger Number of Photos

Send an email to and I will create a Drop Box folder that you can use to upload the photos. It would be easiest if you included the caption information in each photo’s title meta data before uploading. To do this in a windows machine:

  • Right click on the photo file and select “Properties”
  • Click on the “Details” tab and you will see the meta data
  • Click on “Title in the meta data and move your mouse across to “Value” and type in what you want.
  • Click OK

Alternately, provide the information in an email or separate document.

Once you have uploaded all your photo or if you have any problems, send an email to

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