Opportunity to Attend 100th Anniversary Ceremony at Vimy on April 9, 2017



Updated January 18, 2017.

There will be a small group from GNS attending the ceremony. If you would like to join them, you should contact David Godwin (dgodwin@telus.net). Those already planning to attend are staying in or near Arras. Rooms are scarce but you may still be able to find one. In any event, you need to make reservations now if you plan to stay anywhere near Vimy and you need to register with Veteran’s Affairs before February 28, 2017

If you are planning to attend, you should be aware of the following:

  • You will not be able to attend the event unless you register on the Veteran’s Affairs website before February 28, 2017.
  • If you are attending the Navereau Reunion and plan to visit Vimy on a day other than that of the ceremony you will have to do it after the reunion as access will be restricted in some areas of the Memorial from April 1 to April 5 and entirely closed to the public from April 6 to April 9.
  • On the day of the ceremony, shuttle service will be provided from nearby towns to the ceremony. Veteran’s Affairs will announce locations to those registered closer to the date.

Additional information on the ceremony can be found here on the Veteran’s Affairs website.

If you do get accommodation in Arras, you can reach it easily by by train from Paris in about 50 minutes with reasonably frequent service (less frequent on Sunday). If you cannot get accommodation in Arras, Lille (with better train service from Paris) is a good possibility as it is a large city.

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