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For those of you who haven’t been to Metz since the 50s or 60s when it was somewhat drab, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. To get an idea, take a look at these photos taken in 2003 or visit the Metz Tourism website.


Reunion Dates: Tuesday, April 11 – Thursday, April 13, 2017

We will meet each evening at about 6 pm for drinks and discussion at the Hotel de la Cathédrale. A room has been set aside for us just off the bar which is right next to reception (See photo).


Any evening in which the weather permits, the reception can be moved to the outside patio which is very pleasant.

Tuesday, April 116:00 PMRegistration and Reception at Hotel de la Cathédrale
Tuesday, April 117:30 PMGroup Dinner at La Baraka located just next to the reception area in the hotel. See the Menu and Trip Advisor ReviewThis restaurant serves very good North African food -- something you should try at least once in France. If there is a significant group who prefers to eat elsewhere, we can make a reservation or recommendations.
Wednesday, April 12, All Day9:00 AM Departure from HotelBus/Van Tour of "old haunts" Tincluding:
  • Portes Allemandes (German Gates)
  • Fort Bellecroix (PMQs)
  • Original General Navereau School and Primary Schools
  • Ecole Schumann (General Navereau High School)
  • Chateau de Mercy and Chapel
  • Choloy Cemetery
Access to the Chateau may only be a photo opportunity although we are working to gain access.

There will be lunch at a location to be determined – likely at Pont à Mousson. We are currently considering Les Relais d'Alasce Karlsbrau which specializes in Alsatian food.
Wednesday, April 126:00 PM"Reminiscence" cocktail hour at Hotel de la Cathédrale
Wednesday, April 127:30 PMGroup DinnerThis will be at La Cloche (no website) which is jus a few steps from the Hotel de la Cathédrale. They will propose a menu (Appetizer, Main and Dessert) at around 30 Euros (plus beverages around the beginning of March.
Thursday, April 13, morning9:00 AM at Hotel de la CathédraleGuided Walking Tour of Metz Part 1. This includes Cathedral, Place d'Armes, covered market and on the Citadel Quarter (Esplanade, etc.).Day's activities organized by Metz Tourist Bureau focus on reacquainting (or introducing) you to the city of Metz are organized by the the Metz Tourism Office. Tour cost (parts 1 and 2) will be approximately 33 Euros per person including lunch (Drinks are extra)
Thursday, April 13, middayRegional lunchLocation: Restaurant le Romarin. Click on links for menu and Trip Advisor Review.
Thursday, April 13, afternoonGuided Walking Tour of Metz Part 2. Focus will be on the Imperial Quarter (period of Prussian Rule: 1870 to 1918) -- la Gare, Avenue Foch, etc.
Thursday, April 136:00 PM at Hotel de la CathédraleMeet for drinks
Thursday, April 137:30 PMGroup DinnerLikely location is Brasserie ABC near the Gare which is an old haunt for some. Alternately, if participants prefer, we can vook something near the hotel


Reunion Headquarters will be Hotel de la Cathédrale (our experience in 2009 and 2012 there was excellent). It is in a beautiful setting overlooking the cathedral and is rated the Number 3 Hotel in Metz by Trip Advisor. Please note that this hotel has four storys and no elevator.

A block of rooms has been set aside for us and they will off a 10% reduction on the published room rate (currently 75 to 120 Euros) if we take at least 10 rooms. Reservations are now open and can be made by contacting the hotel by email at using the identifier Navereau. If you are uncomfortable with the lack of an on line booking system or prefer a more modern hotel, here are a few recommendations below of hotels are close to the Cathedral and that committee members or attendees at previous reunions have stayed at and can recommend..

There are, of course, many other hotels.

7 thoughts on “Reunion Details”

  1. Hello Team,
    I thought I had submitted my interest some time ago but I see it got lost in cyberspace. My wife, Wilma, and I are definitely planning to attend. I was in Metz from 61-64, gr 11-13, then down to Barcelona for65-65. We attended the Ottawa Reunion , about 12 years ago, and look forward to seeing the old haunts and Metz downtown. I see quite a few names included of old classmates and football buddies.
    Allons-y!, We will sign up for all activities.
    Brian Millage

    1. Brian, you probably do not remember me. My name is Cathy Baril. I was only 8 when we went over in the summer of 61. Our mother’s were great pals (Dolly Baril). ….A childhood memory: our families were on a trip together. Easter, I think. In Brussels, possibly. At the campsite, there was a horse. I don’t think I’d ever seen one other than in a book. You noticed me near the fence and came over to show me how to feed it an apple without getting my fingers bitten off. 🙂 Mum’s still alive. 94 in a few days. I still remember your mother’s face and her laugh, her jet-black hair, her sense of humour… My best to you and to your family. Cathy

  2. Hello David and Charlie. This is Donna Cooke now Bell. Lived at 31 Rue d rage cour. 19 57 1960. Grades 7 9. I would like to attend however I have MS and sometimes have trouble walking distances. My husband of 50 years died 2. Years ago and he spoiled me and now I’m trying to do things alone I want to start traveling and thought this would be a fun way to begin my.. new life Maybe there are others who are handicapped. and we could help each other’. David you were my first date , we went to a movie at the base. And back on the buss and the awkward kiss at the door. Charlie threw snowballs at me when when l walked past your parents compound on my way home. sometimes with Terry and sister. Americans,



    . David youwrere

    I’m I

  3. Hi Donna, not sure if you remember me, Michelle Lalande (Witham), I won’t be going to the Metz reunion as my husband and I were there a few years ago on a driving trip thru Europe. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband and your medical issues, a difficult time for you for sure.

    My husband and I just celebrated our 50th anniversary this year – our kids sure threw us a great party. !! We live in Parksville on Vancouver Island. I remember with great fondness my time in Metz, I was there from grade 7 to 10 then back to Canada – Bagotville, Que. It was a good life being an air force brat., Do you remember Pat Vareleau, Anne and Gail Trimble, Frances and Arthur Levitin and many more that I can’t remember their last names., I never kept in touch with anyone except a friend from Bagotville days., Hopefully you will be able to make it to the reunion, wish you the best.

  4. Hello Cathy Baril,
    Desole for the late reply as I just saw your note. Yes, our families had some good times together in Metz. My first bartending job at your dad’s party in the pmq’s. Luxembourg-Trier-and the Metz wine fair! My best birthday wishes to your mom, she is a very special lady. Both my parents have passed on but I have 3 daughters and more grandkids than fingers on my left hand… You mentioned our encounter with a horse on one of our family outings- horses became a big part of my life. I still remember your family’s hospitality while I worked-what a job!- at Expo ’67-cottage visit and nightime swim en masse- lots of fun. I hope this note gets to you , either via Peter or the webmaster . My wife, Wilma, and I are going to Vimy and Metz. Perhaps we can be in touch later in the year. We live in Newmarket, On. Hi to your brothers too, Brian Millage

  5. Hello Fellow Metz Voyageurs,
    Wilma and I are looking forward to the reunion-I haven’t seen the “old haunts” since 1965. Were any of you in Navereau during ’61-’64, my last three years prior to going down to the U of Barcelona in ’64-’65. We live in Newmarket, Ontario. If you live nearby, how about getting in touch before we all head off to Europe? Many thanks to the organizers for all their efforts to make this special outing a success. A Bientot

  6. Salut, Brian – I was in Metz from 62-65 but was 2 or 3 grades behind you (10,11,12 while there) so was in a different circle of friends and didn’t know you personally very well although we have obviously met. Meeting up ahead of time is a great idea but not possible for me as I am in Florida, probably until about a week before reunion time. I too would love to hear from any others who were in Metz during the 60s!

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