1 Air Division Reunion — Who’s Going?


AirDiv CrestI’m sure many of you have received emails on this event to be held at  the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort in Parksville, BC, on October 30-31, 2015!. I know, my initial reaction is not to go unless there is a reasonable group from Navereau. Perhaps, some of you feel the same.

If you are intending, or thinking of it, then perhaps you could add a comment below.

For information on the event you can either send an email to reunion2015.pat@gmail.com or join the Facebook Page for the event.

13 thoughts on “1 Air Division Reunion — Who’s Going?”

  1. Can I suggest, since there seem to be rumblings afoot, some form of reunion (formal or not) scheduled to take place around the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, 9 – 11 April, 2017?
    It would permit a number of our group to participate in both events, and I plan to take as many of my family as are vertical, not to say, ambulatory.
    God help us all, it’s only a couple of years away…
    Best to all,
    John Tarzwell

    1. I would be interested in a reunion in Metz which coincided with the 100th Vimy anniversary. Now to find someone to take charge of organizing it.

  2. Given the feedback we’ve received so far, a large contingent of brats will be there with many of us being Naverau alumni. Some are younger from the elementary school, but some are our age (60’s and 70’s). We would love to see anyone with fond memories of living in Europe. Pat

  3. It also occurs to me that 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Canadian departure from France – an event of some significance to all of us who watched the folding up and shutting down.
    My family and I have twice rented motorhomes in Paris and stayed at the lovely Metz Municipal Camping area, on the Moselle next to the Piscine, and had a wonderful time. I’m not saying it would be for everyone, but… transport, meals and accomodation all in one, competitively priced.
    Maybe a raving delusion, but I thought I’d mention it.

    1. John, that is not too far fetched an idea. There are also canal barges available that could be used by some as a base in Metz.

  4. Hi there all, lived first near the botanical gardens in Metz, on the E bus route from the elementary school in Fort Belle Croix for those who can remember. That was in 1959/60 then we moved to the PMQs and lived until leaving for Winnipeg in 1963 in A Block, entrance one on the first floor just above the bus stop shed. Now in Vancouver. Steve Bourne

  5. Would love to come. Ours was one of the first families there in the early 50’s. If I am healthy enough to travel it would be wonderful to go back.

  6. I was among the first students to go to the brand new General Navereau school. Mister David Smith was our grade eight teacher. I met him many years later in Esquimalt. I see there is a person…’Eakins’…I wonder if Jim was her parent…he was a good friend of my father.

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