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The impetus for this was some work by  David Rippon where he laboriously went through all the yearbooks and created a spreadsheet containing every name he could find. I have now merged this with the existing database to create a greatly expanded list (over 450 names added to the 443 who had already registered on the site). You can see the new database by clicking here or on the Database -> Students and Teachers selection in the top menu bar.

If your name is not in the database or if your email address is obsolete or missing and you would like former classmates to have the opportunity to contact you, you may want to enter the missing information. (Whew! It must have been the Latin at GNS that caused me to create such a long clause)

Please note that email addresses are only shown for those who specifically enter them and that, in the more than ten years that this site has existed, we are not aware of any harvesting of these addresses by outsiders.

4 thoughts on “Database Expanded”

  1. I lived in Metz from 1964 to 1967 at 66 rue de Strasbourg. I attended grades 6, 7, and 8 and fondly remember my teacher, Mr. Marriott. I now live in Stanford, California.

  2. I was in Metz in the PMQ’s from 1963 until 1966; along with my two older brothers, Danny & Steven. I started in Grade 6 & left after Grade 9. Close friends were Trish Sagadore & Sandy Brow.

  3. We moved from Marville to Metz,and I went to a French school for a few days before they moved us to classes at the Chateau. I was among the first who went to Gen Navereau when it first opened. Mr David Smith was our home room teacher.

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