Photo Galleries Updated — Looking for Captions or Additions


???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????While posting the Reunion 2012 Photos, I decided it was time to upgrade the galleries. Other than, some format changes, you will notice little difference.

However, for me there is one important change. In the more than ten years since the first gallery was put together, various software packages were used with the result that it took a fair bit of time to update some of them. Now, all the photos, along with captions and so on are now organized together in one software environment (Lightroom if you’re interested) with the result that it is easy to update things as revised captions, etc.are submitted.

So bring them on!

One thought on “Photo Galleries Updated — Looking for Captions or Additions”

  1. In the photos under 50 & 60’s, the first group with the two little ball players; then the picture of the primary classroom – I believe it was 1960 and that I am the one 3 in from the right at the back of the room. Would have been Pamela Wainwright back then and I believe the teacher was Mrs. Richardson as I recall.

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