“Old Haunts” Tour — Feedback Requested


The following is from John Tarzwell who is organizing this tour. I urge you to respond to John if you have an interest in this event (See email address at end of his message).

One option being arranged for the Wednesday of the reunion is a half-to-full-day Old Haunts Tour by chartered bus, scheduled to proceed from Place d’Armes next to the Cathedral via the Porte des Allemands (German Gates), to the former PMQs at Fort Bellecroix, and on to the Avenue de Lyons school site (one of the buildings still remains).

Depending on numbers, we may be using a bus small enough to get through the famous arch — something the Air Force buses used to do quite routinely.

Next stop would be at the final iteration of General Navereau High School, across from the Convent on Rue de Belletanche (our brand-new building is now a part of the Schumann School, home of academic excellence and interesting lunches). We will try to make contact with the administration there and see if we might be allowed a peek inside, depending on classes.

The Chateau de Mercy, which is up for sale, may be open to the public in April, depending on ownership. We will continue with inquiries. At the very least, we will take the bus to the #1 Air Division base site, past the familiar Guardhouse, through the new hospital grounds, and stroll about the exterior of the Chateau itself. The ancient Chapel next door, at last report, is open to visitors.

From this point, as we will be nearing lunchtime, two possibilities present themselves:

  1. We could return to the Cathedral area let the bus go, have a group lunch together or disperse for a free afternoon; or…
  2. We could proceed by bus to Cholloy Cemetery, have lunch en route, and pay our respects to those Canadians who gave their lives in the service of peace during the Cold War.

The second possibility would add about two and a half hours to the tour, and increase the cost from about € 24 to € 42 (These are estimates only), plus lunch.

In order to get more accurate quotes from transportation companies, we’ll need to establish preliminary numbers soon. If you intend to take the Old Haunts Tour (which has previously been quite a lot of fun), or you have opinions, choices or suggestions regarding the tour, especially the extension to Cholloy, I strongly urge you communicate them to me, John Tarzwell, as soon as possible at:
tarzwell@sympatico.ca or simply add a comment below. I will amalgamate the responses, submit them to the Organizing Committee, report to the attendees,and proceed accordingly.

I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Best regards,

6 thoughts on ““Old Haunts” Tour — Feedback Requested”

  1. Visiting the cemetery would be memorable as we didn’t have the opportunity in 2014 when I was last in Metz. Count us in! Gary and Marie

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