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No, we’re not going to try to choose one yet! In fact, we’ll need to have some idea on numbers before we do this as some hotels might be too small if we get a largish group.

The purpose of this post is to get feedback from those of you who have been to Metz in recent years on hotels — any you liked, any we should avoid, etc. Just post a comment here or email me directly (

I will be spending a month in Paris starting the end of March and will try to get to Metz to look at a few possible locations; so any feedback I get in advance will be helpful.

Even if you haven’t been to Metz recently, feel free to post a comment on any thoughts you might have on hotels.

4 thoughts on “Hotel in Metz”

  1. A very nice hotel central to everything and affordable with huge CLEAN rooms, 2 restaurants and other amenties is the Hotel Bleu Marin at 23 Avenue Foch. I’ve stayed there and highly recommend it. From the Hotel, it’s only a short walk to the Gare or the Cathedral or the German Gates. After all, the German High Command for Metz were billeted here in 1944 and they were a picky bunch I understand. Definitely worthy of consideration.

  2. I will add this to the list of ones I will check out in April. I also stayed at a nice older hotel centrally located — I forget the name but I’ll find it.

    If anyone doubts that the German High Command picked good hotels, click here.

  3. sorry I lost touch we had to change service providers and lost many e mail contacts
    hope everyone is well. Fond memories Larry

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