On Photo Quality, Captions, etc.


Photo Quality

The quality of photos is extremely variable. Many are scanned from yearbooks (some 50 years old) which, in addition to aging, suffer from being printed with a very low resolution process. Others are much better as they were scanned from photos or 35 mm slides which, at least till recently and maybe still, are the most reliable archive.


Some captions are truncated. This will be gradually fixed. Others may be wrong or incomplete and I urge anyone who sees errors or can add missing information to contact me.

How you can help

New pictures are welcome but you can also help if you have a better copy of one of the posted photos or can help out with missing or erroneous captions


One thought on “On Photo Quality, Captions, etc.”

  1. Second from the left, front row wearing the dark sweater, in the gGrade_8_2 GNS class photo seems to be my older sister Barb Dash (1953-2003). Our family was in Metz 1962 until 1964.

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