Getting to the Hotel Perdrix Rouge


The hotel is located at 5 rue Lassus (19th Arrondissement) and is just steps away from the Jourdain Metro Station.

Arriving by Air Canada

If you are arriving by Air Canada, head right after you clear customs, and you will see overhead signs like the one here pointing to Paris Bus and Paris by Train.

The Roissy Bus

This bus takes you nonstop into the city (Place d`Opera). It’s without any hassles. You will see the sign for it (Roissy Bus) as shown in the photo. Just step outside and wait for the bus. They come every 15 minutes. The fare is currently (April 2011) 9.40 Euros so make sure you have a bit of cash with you. From Opera, you can take a taxi or the Metro to the hotel (Metro Jourdan and take the Rue Lassus exit to be right at the hotel)

Paris by Train (RER and Metro)

If you are a little bit familiar with the RER and Metro, this is a pretty good option. Just keep following the Paris by Train signs and descend into the station (Note that there are also direct TGVs from here to many spots in France. You can buy a ticket at the counter but the lineup is usually long; so it’s better to use the machines. Credit cards are accepted by either as long as they have a chip. Keep your ticket for the whole trip as you’ll need it again when you transfer to the Metro

Once on the train, get off at Chatelet and take line 11 (Direction Porte de Lilas). Get off at Jourdain and take the Rue Lassus exit and the hotel is right there.


I’ve never actually taken a taxi but I understand that it would cost around 50 to 60 Euros.

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