George Gallagher (1948-1997)


George attended Grades 10 & 11 in Metz after arriving in France in Sept 1965.  Since our Mom’s family lives in France, George was fortunate enough to improve his French while soaking up French culture, which he dearly loved.  After France left NATO in 1967, the family moved to Lahr, Germany where he enjoyed German history and culture, not to mention German beer and wine!!

He graduated from the University of Winnipeg with honours and enjoyed a 23 year career with John Deere Ltd.

George and his wife, Rosalind were killed in a head on collision, March 17th, 1997 on the outskirts of Saskatoon.  George and Ros are survived by their two daughters, Amanda and Kristi, George’s Mom, >Iris Gallagher, and his 3 sisters, Jackie, Anne and Louise.  Our time in Europe helped to define who we are and I know George carried those memories of his time in France and Germany with him  always and treasured them.

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  1. I worked with George at John Deere. Did not realize that he was in Metz, a long time after I was there. You are still missed.

  2. Louise, he was a special fellow. I think of him everytime I go to the Pen Centre in St. Catharines as I go past where he used to live. He had a joie de vivre. His infectious smile and humour helped in our workplace.

  3. I just found this now, July 25, 2013. My sympathy goes out to all of George’s family. I did not know him at Metz, only for a year or so at Lahr. Will always remember him as happy with a big genuine smile.

  4. Hi. I worked with George at John Deere. And knew he, Roz and the girls personally. I loved them, and miss George very much. He taught me so much, and was a good friend to Rick and I. The reason I was poking around the internet with his name today is because I dreamed about him last night….some JD thing., which brought the memories to the surface.

    I would love to catch up with Amanda and Kristi.

    Rick and I and my daughter Courtney still speak of the Gallagher’s often.

    Cheers! Pat xoxo

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