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General navereau with AVM Godwin at the opening of the first school (1957)

General Navereau and Air Vice Marshall Godwin at the opening of the first school on October 9, 1956.

General Navereau School was established by the Canadian Department of National  Defence in Metz, France whose students were, for the most part the children of R.C.A.F. members serving at 1 Air Division Headquarters which was in Metz from 1954 through to 1967.

The site has two major purposes:

  1. Promotion of Reunions of former students and teachers
  2. An archive of the school — students, activities, yearbooks and so on

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Navereau Site”

  1. Sorry to miss reunion next year. Malcolm and I are doing a “bucket list” trip this fall. We are in planning stage now leaving Calgary August 24 for Gatwick outside London and taking train up to Edinburgh and the highlands to ramble around old Robertson haunts. We then are planning to take train back thru London and over to Canadian war monuments along the coast of France and then swing over to Metz/Strasbourg/Nancy from Sep 2-10 when we leave for a 14 day trip to Israel.

    I was in Israel in 2006 and have a passion for Israel and the Jewish people.
    Any info or anyone in Metz from August 4-8 would be glad to meet up with.

  2. If you go to the photos section and click on Photos from the 50s and 60s, you can see photos from any year including 1964. You can also click on the Yearbooks link under resources and download the 1964(or any other yearbook)

  3. I have come across quite a few General Navereau (GNHS) crest lapel pins left over from one of the early reunions. They’re gold & black and look identical to the high school uniform blazer crest that the guys wore in the early 60’s.
    If you’d like one of these jewelers enamel pins, email me at rbauman@telus.net

  4. My family attended the school in 1962 and 1963. My 3 sisters also had gone there. My brothers were too young for school while there. We lived in the PMQ for 4 years. I was young but I do remember the huge weeping willow tree in back. I think I remember there being 2 buildings. We were in the front one on the 4th floor. There was a store and a tunnel in the basement. There was a sewer in the back and then beyond that was a camp. I remember playing on the arch going to school and the cobble stones. I only remember a little bit of snow. I remember going to see Bambi at the theater. We went by bus. We had a 1957 orange and white Chevy. We moved to Summerside Prince Edward Island here in Canada. My dad retired from the Air force after 25 years. His name was Barry Clarkson and he died about 17 years ago. He left Summerside to CFBGagetown in New Brunswick as his last posting then retired up to Cross Creek New Brunswick where he died of heart problems. My mother is Evelyn. She died at the age of 56 from breast cancer.

    1. I remember the arch and walking through it to go to school. We lived in entrance 13 which I think was part of the first building.

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