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6 thoughts on “Photo Archive Page

  1. Middle picture 3rd row down: The names are wrong on that Student Council picture
    Should be: Miss Leggat, Gwen Austin, Dennis Simmons, Gail Dolan, Karen Schroeter, Fern Wonnacott and the two fellows standing are Roger Cavenaugh and the other fellow looks familiar but I don’t remember his name and couldn’t find him in the class pictures etc that I looked at.
    This is in the Photo Gallery Archive 1959

  2. I was a Metz BRAT from 1956 to 1959. Thanks so much for sharing the information and pictures with those of us who did not attend the event.

  3. The colour photo; checkered shirt is Michael O’Reilly, yellow sweater is Tommy Paul, blue sweater is Jacky Boland.

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